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An Riol

An Riol.jpgAn Riol 5.JPGAn Riol 3.jpgAn Riol 4G12A again.jpgAn Riol BD CP at lunch.jpgKen  Bruce.jpgAn Riol H3.jpgAn Riol 4.jpgDE photo.jpgAn Riol 2.jpg19 feature D2 looking S.JPG


horse mill visited on a free day from the Forteviot excavations .JPGIan and Wendy on Raasay - looking over to Applecross.jpgKath tells a tale - her feature.JPGAnne Macdonald and Sue Bryson  Wait a minute - isnt it a c.JPGGoat's-Crag-Rock-Shelter.jpgTrench 5 - Wendy on outer palisade strip.JPGCastle Craig Broch - Ewan Wendy and Alison Blackwood.jpgPaddy Desmond Ann Bray Isabel gray Cathy Gibson and Susan.JPGSt Ninians Bay Gerry and Ann Bray.JPGThe Forteviot Crew.JPGThe Marker Stone at the Hawks Neb.JPGDuddo Stone Circle- from east.jpgJohn Macdonald and Ann Bray above Mamore Battery.jpgBalnaguie Cairn near Munlochy.jpgACFA members admire Ians trenching techniques .JPGDorothy Gormlie at Paisley Drain 2012.jpgJohn while EDMing at Cnoc an Rath.JPGACFA at High Morlaggan.JPGLibby and Margaret at Nether Largie South.JPGWeaver's-Cottage-with-Margaret-Gardener.jpgJanie Munro and Susan Hunter winter on Eaglesham.JPGLunch at Pictish cemetery with Wendy and Gerry.JPGViking longship noost  on Jim Hills backyard on Coll.JPGJohn Macdonald with first theodolite at Greens Moor.jpgGerry at Duddo Stone Circle.jpgOn the road to High Morlaggan.JPGIan on Raasay - drawing up 2008.jpgAuchindrain 2012 - Scott Wood John Macdonald and Jim Anders.JPGBruce Henry on Coll.jpgClearing well site in Eaglesham Mill.jpgFrodo Pippin and Peregrine set off for adventure.jpgJim Anderson at Rock Stack on Raasay.jpgIan and Wendy at Pictish cemetery 2009.JPGAuchindrain 2012. Lionel Ken Ross Margaret Gardner Libby .JPGWendy Raine and Sue Hothersall examining rock carvings in the Alpes Maritimes .JPGDrumadoon 3.jpgMacEwan's-Jetty-lunch---Iona-Ann-and-Isabel.JPGPhantassie lime kiln visited on ACFAs trip to East Lothian.jpgKen Ross at Ardscalpsie Dun.JPGProud diggers.JPGLeslie Gray at Avebury.jpgWeaver's-Cottage-with-Margaret-Libby-and-Alison.jpg