Pollok Park Field Survey Training Weekend

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Rouken Glen

2014-08-26 01.12.47.jpgRouken Mill - lower exterior wall. 3.jpg2014-08-26 01.11.48.jpg2. Newmill  - post AD1858 weir.  - Copy.jpgBroken millstone.jpg6. Newmill Amy and Catherine.  - Copy.jpg2014-08-26 01.16.25.jpgSusan and Emma.jpgRouken Mill - interior. 3.jpgRouken Mill 2014. 3.jpg3. Newmill - line of test pits.  - Copy.jpg13. Newmill - Fiona Phil and Podraig at TP.  - Copy.jpg2014-08-26 01.11.17.jpgJohn Ainslies AD1789 Survey of Brocklees.jpgLooking for the old lade.jpg2014-08-26 01.15.10.jpg2014-08-30 02.07.37.jpgRouken Mill Lade - rock cut spanned by ranging pole.jpgRouken Mill - view from probable exit of outflow.jpg2014-08-26 01.14.46.jpg2014-08-30 02.06.25.jpgViewing the lade.jpg2014-08-30 02.08.09.jpg2014-08-26 01.14.01.jpgRouken Mill - from downslope looking up to Susan at outflow. 3.jpgRouken Mill - close up of lade cut. 3.jpgRouken Mill - rock cut lade for original mill.jpg5. Newmill - Clare and Janie.  - Copy.jpgRouken Mill - rear wall revetted into hillside. 3.jpg8. Newmill - lunch at the weir Clare Janie Fiona Jan and two daughters.  - Copy.jpg7. Newmill - my test pit pottery scatter including green glaze.  - Copy.jpg


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